Elevate Your Real Estate Business with Expert Marketing Solutions

Harness innovative strategies designed specifically for real estate growth.

At Prime Client Marketing, we redefine traditional marketing. Being active real estate pros, we uniquely address your challenges, setting you ahead in the competitive landscape.

Navigating the Road to Real Estate Success: One Step at a Time


Dive into a tailored, no-obligation consultation, pinpointing your unique real estate challenges and goals. Whether an investor or realtor, this session lays the groundwork for your future success.


Drawing from our consultation, we craft a bespoke marketing strategy, integrating the perfect mix of SEO and ads. With our real estate expertise, each strategy is laser-focused on your target audience.

TransformYour Tomorrow

With our optimized strategies and CRM, your leads evolve into loyal clients, resulting in consistent deals, expanding portfolios, and a reputation that precedes you in the real estate market.

For Investors: Turning Motivated Sellers into Your Next Successful Deal

Bridging the gap between real estate ambition and tangible outcomes, our specialized strategies resonate with investors’ unique needs. Our expertise isn’t just theoretical; we’re in the trenches with you, understanding every nuance of the investor’s journey.

SEO Strategies

Rank your investor website more effectively and organically

Social Media

FB, TikTok, and Influencer Ads to amplify your presence

PPC Campaigns

Immediate leads sent to your inbox with targeted campaigns

Google Business Profile

Optimized to ensure you're the go-to investor

Exclusive CRM

Automated follow-ups, ensuring engagement with your leads

Automated Follow-ups

Proven sequences that resonate with sellers

Revolutionizing Real Estate Marketing For Agents: Quality Leads For Your Business

At Prime Client Marketing, we combine our in-depth understanding of real estate with unmatched digital marketing expertise.

Through our specialized SEO techniques, targeted PPC campaigns, and powerful CRM tools, we empower real estate agents to not only capture leads but also foster valuable, revenue-generating relationships.

How We Empower Real Estate Professionals to Grow Their Client Base

Precision-Targeted Paid Search

Engaging Social Media Campaigns

Strategic Social Media Posts

Specialized Organic SEO

Optimized User Traffic

At Prime Client Marketing, we don’t just offer services; we build partnerships with real estate professionals. We delve into understanding the intricacies of the real estate market, ensuring our strategies resonate with your target audience. With our reliable, affordable solutions, you’re not just growing your client base, you’re solidifying your presence in the real estate sphere.

From Online Discovery to Successful Deals: Key Services Fueling Your Real Estate Success

Advanced CRM

Exclusively tailored for real estate professionals, this CRM becomes an indispensable tool, aiding in seamless lead management and nurturing.

Strategic SEO

For real estate investors and agents, visibility is a game-changer. Prime Client Marketing brings you to the forefront with bespoke SEO strategies.

Targeted Ads

Google Pay-Per-Click, Facebook, and TikTok ads to capture a wider audience and generate vital leads, ensuring higher engagement and conversion.

Secret Weapon Conversion

Our revolutionary follow-up system. We've eliminated the most significant roadblock to conversion – timely and effective follow-up.

Explore Our Tailored Marketing Solutions

Whether you're a real estate agent or an investor, schedule a free consultation and we'll tailor a plan perfectly suited to your unique needs.


Search Engine Optimization

Google Pay-Per-Click

Facebook Ads Management

TikTok Ads Management

Influencer Ads

Advanced CRM

Google Business Profile Optimization and Management

Local Service Ads (For Realtors Only)


Search Engine Optimization

Google Pay-Per-Click

Facebook Ads Management

TikTok Ads Management

Influencer Ads

Advanced CRM

Google Business Profile Optimization and Management

Local Service Ads (For Realtors Only)


Search Engine Optimization

Google Pay-Per-Click

Facebook Ads Management

TikTok Ads Management

Influencer Ads

Advanced CRM

Google Business Profile Optimization and Management

Local Service Ads (For Realtors Only)

Why Real Estate Professionals Often Miss the Mark in Lead Generation

In the intricate world of real estate lead generation, navigating the path to success is riddled with challenges. Eager agents and investors, in their quest for results, frequently find themselves misled by supposed “experts” bearing unproven advice.

These misguided directions not only waste time and money but can inflict lasting damage on a business’s reputation and potential growth.

Misplaced Trust

Trusting unproven figures often leads to missteps and and lost opportunities, time and money.

One-Size Misfits

Overlooking the unique needs of agents and investors results in missed targets.

Hidden Costs

Untested methods can lead to unexpected expenses without delivering anticipated returns.

Lack of Continuity

Overlooking consistent follow-up and nurturing can let potential deals slip away.

Unrivaled Expertise: Why Prime Client Marketing is Your Trusted Partner in Real Estate Growth

Prime Client Marketing isn’t just another agency – we’re real estate professionals first. We’ve navigated the complex maze of lead generation, faced the pitfalls, and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Our firsthand experience and proven track record place us in a unique position to provide unparalleled solutions tailored for your success.

Real Estate Roots

As active real estate investors, we understand the challenges you face because we've faced them ourselves.

Authentic Experience

We're not just marketers, we're practitioners. We've closed deals, flipped properties, and built a strong real estate portfolio.

Beyond Theories

We offer actionable strategies, not just theories, drawn from our own successes in the real estate domain.

CRM Game Changer

Our revolutionary CRM, with built-in automated follow-ups, transforms lead management, ensuring no opportunities are missed.

Meet Colby Hager Founder & CEO

Colby isn’t just the founder of Prime Client Marketing, but also its most passionate advocate and user, having elevated his own real estate ventures using the very tools and strategies he recommends. His reputation stems not just from his expansive knowledge but also from his hands-on approach in leveraging intuitive marketing tools for unprecedented results.

Innovation at its best: Driving results with intuitive marketing tools. The Intersection of real estate passion and digital marketing mastery.

With a state-of-the-art CRM, groundbreaking SEO, PPC, and Social Media tactics, Colby’s impact on the real estate marketing domain has been transformative and unparalleled.

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(PLUS Discover the 6-Text-Message Sequence We Use to Eliminate Seller Resistance Before Your In-Person Meeting)

Dive into a comprehensive guide that dispels common myths hindering your real estate success. Our eBook is meticulously curated by industry insiders, revealing strategies and insights that have revolutionized real estate marketing.

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Real Results: What Our Partners Say

Your Questions, Answered

Prime Client Marketing specializes in a suite of digital marketing solutions tailored for real estate professionals. Our primary services encompass SEO, PPC campaigns, social media management, and a revolutionary CRM system. With our expertise in the real estate domain, we ensure each strategy aligns perfectly with your specific needs, whether you’re an agent, investor, or a related professional.

What truly sets us apart is our deep-rooted experience in real estate. We aren’t just a marketing agency; we are active players in the real estate arena. This direct involvement ensures that our strategies are not only theoretically sound but also tried, tested, and proven in the real estate market.

Absolutely! Whether you’re a budding real estate agent just stepping into the digital domain or an established player looking to refine and amplify your online presence, our solutions are designed to cater to all levels. We customize our strategies based on the unique needs and growth aspirations of each client.

Transparency is paramount for us. We provide regular, detailed reports that demonstrate the effectiveness of our strategies, showing tangible metrics such as increased leads, conversions, and overall growth. Moreover, our team is always on hand to address any concerns or questions you may have.

Our CRM system is more than just a tool; it’s an embodiment of our real estate expertise combined with cutting-edge technology. Designed with the real estate professional in mind, it not only organizes leads but proactively nurtures them through automated follow-ups, ensuring no opportunity is missed. This level of specialization ensures a smoother transaction process, maximizing the potential for successful deals.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to continuous learning and industry involvement. Our team regularly attends digital marketing seminars, workshops, and training sessions. This commitment ensures we’re always leveraging the latest tools and techniques, enabling us to provide the most innovative solutions for our real estate clients.

Starting your journey with us is simple! Click here to claim a free consultation. We’ll dive into a conversation about your goals and craft a custom strategy specifically designed to propel your real estate business to new heights.

Ready to Unleash Your Business's Potential and Protect Yourself From Common Mistakes?

Unlock unparalleled growth for your real estate endeavors. Every tool, strategy, and insight we offer is grounded in our hands-on experience in the real estate sector, ensuring that you always stay ahead. Dive deep into our eBook for actionable insights or connect with us through a personalized consultation. Together, let’s chart a future of enduring success and growth.

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